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Lenco Acrylic transparent belt drive turntable

Bluetooth transmission | Metal platter | Arm | Counterweight | USB Port for PC connection to

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The Lenco LBT-195 is a transparent turntable with a Bluetooth® function. You can easily connect this turntable to your Bluetooth® speaker or Bluetooth® headphones. This enables you to enjoy a full and warm sound in the comfort of your home.The device is made of transparent plexiglass and has a metal turntable, arm and counterweight. This makes the LBT-195 turntable a real eye-catcher in any living room. Lenco's LBT-195 Turntable can play at two speeds: 33 RPM and 45 RPM. Thanks to the preamplifier, you get to enjoy great sound and volume. The LBT-195 is a belt-driven turntable and equipped with a high-quality Audio-Technica cartridge (AT3600). As a result, the audio quality is at its best and the LP stays in good shape for longer. Additionally, this device has pitch control, which makes it possible to manually adjust the playback speed. The product also contains an anti-skating function to prevent the arm from moving towards the middle. It’s equipped with an auto-stop function, which ensures the arm automatically lifts and stops turning when it reaches the end of the disc.The plastic cover protects this LBT-195 turntable from dust. As a result, you don’t spend much time maintaining the device. This special transparent turntable makes listening to music even better!Product specifications:Bluetooth® transmissionMetal platter, arm, counterweightUSB Port for PC connection to convert vinyl to digital format2 rated speed settings 33 RPM and 45 RPMPre-amplifier ON-OFFMoving Magnetic Cartridge (AT3600)Belt drivePitch controlAnti-skatingAuto stopPlastic dust coverConnections: RCA, PC outputIncluded: CE-UK multiplug AC Adaptor



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