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Lenco Alarm clock radio with sticker set


The Lenco CR-205PK is a pink alarm clock radio with included stickers. Your child can easily fall asleep and wake up happily again. This radio is specially made for the nursery and can be decorated with the stickers from the enclosed sticker sheet.

Does the Lenco CR-205PK need to wake up several children at different times? That is no problem with the dual alarm function, which allows you to set two different wake-up times. After setting the alarm time, they will be awakened by the radio or a buzzer. With the snooze function, they can snooze a bit before starting a new day. The alarm will ring again after a few minutes.

Does your child have trouble falling asleep? Then you can use the sleep timer, allowing your child to fall asleep with music that automatically stops playing after a certain (set) time.

The children's alarm clock has a clock function that is easy to read from the digital screen. The red LED display has a height of 0.6"

Also included is a battery back-up, so you do not need to reset the clock or your alarm in the event of a power failure.

The clock radio is available in pink and blue.



Clock radio with PLL FM | LED display | Clock function | Dual alarm function | Wake-up function by buzzer and FM radio

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