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Lenco Bluetooth® IPX4 TWS Earphone with Powerbank

TWS Bluetooth Earphones | Bluetooth V4.2 | Waterproof IPX4

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The Lenco EPB-410 Bluetooth® headphone is the ideal addition to your smartphone. These earbuds are easily connected via TWS Bluetooth®, so not only can you listen to your favourite music but you can also make calls or control Siri at the same time thanks to the built-in microphone.The headphone is operated by the simple touch buttons on the side of the earbuds. These earbuds have a perfect fit and therefore sit firmly in your ears, ideal if you go for a run. In addition, these earbuds are also waterproof.The storage box is also a power bank in which you can charge the earplugs. The indicator on this storage box shows how much energy is still contained in the earbuds. If after 3.5 hours (based on fully charged) the energy runs out, you can connect this storage box to a computer or mains voltage by means of the supplied USB cable and plug. This allows you to quickly charge and continue to enjoy and be seen wearing the trendy Lenco EPB-410 Bluetooth® earbuds! The Lenco EPB-410 is available in 2 colours: Black and White. Can you only listen to music with the Lenco EPB-410 headphones?In addition to being able to listen to music with the Lenco EPB-410, you can also use this headphone as a hands-free Bluetooth® headset to make calls. Quickly and easily add this headset to your list of Bluetooth® devices and use these earbuds to listen to music and make calls via your smartphone. Are these Lenco headphones waterproof?These Lenco EPB-040 earbuds are waterproof, which also means that you can keep them in when you are on your bike and it starts to rain or exercising while listening to your favourite music on your smartphone. Do I have to plug this headphone set directly into a power outlet if I want to charge them?You do not have to connect these headphones directly to a wall socket to charge them because the Lenco EPB-410 has a handy docking station in a trendy plastic storage box. You can charge your headphones in this box, and also use it as a docking station. So, every time you put your headphones back in the box, they automatically charge ready for use, lasting up to 10 hours. Are there extras with this headphone set?This headphone set comes with several extras: a USB cable and 3 pairs of earbuds.



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