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Lenco Bone Conduction Bluetooth® headphone

Bone conduction Headphone | Bluetooth V5.0 | Waterproof IPX5

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With the waterproof Bone Conduction Bluetooth® headphones, you can listen to music and ambient sound at the same time. This is due to the special wearing method. The Lenco HBC-200 is not inserted in your ear but rests on the small bone at the beginning of the ear canal, the sound is sent to your ears via vibrations. This is called the Bone Conduction Technology. As there are no plugs in your ears, all the ambient noise remains audible, this allows you to exercise safely outside. You also no longer have to deal with caps that irritate of fall out of your ears. Can I use the HBC-200 during exercise?Yes, you can take these Bluetooth® headphones with you during your workout because the earbuds are waterproof (IPX5). In addition, the leg-conductive design of this Bluetooth® earphone is extremely useful for outdoor sports and collaborative sports as ambient noise can still be heard. You can operate these headphones with the simple touch buttons allocated on the sides of the headphones. How can I charge the HBC-200?You can charge the headphones with the included micro USB cable. Connect it to a device with USB charging function and after 2 hours you can use the headphones again for up to 8 hours! Can you also call the HBC-200?You can also make calls with these Bluetooth® headphones from Lenco, everything has been thought of. There is a microphone opening on the outside of the earbuds that faces downwards to properly capture all sounds when you are on a call.



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