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Lenco Flying lighting ball

Flying lighting ball | Intergrated rechargeable battery | Battery capacity : up to 12 minutes

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The FLB-07 Flying Light BallSteal the show with Lenco’s FLB-007 Flying Light Ball. This is the latest must-have. Leave it on and have up to 12 minutes of fun. In the dark, this ball of light has a spectacular light effect. Throw the ball at someone, let it float through the air or throw the ball at an angle for it to fly back to you. Lenco’s FLB-007 Flying Light Ball charges within 25 minutes thanks to the included USB cable. It is available in red, blue or pink.How does it work?It's quite simple! Turn it on, shake and throw it! By shaking the ball, the engine starts. Fast rotating rotor blades create a certain hovering effect, causing the ball to continue floating through the air. But that's not all. You can perform numerous tricks with Lenco’s FLB-007 Flying Light Ball.Tips for use and safety:Do not insert your fingers into the ball during rotation.Do not play near any pets.While spinning, keep the ball away from any wires, faces or hair as these can end up in the rotating blades.Children under six years of age should only use the ball under the direct supervision of adults.To stop playing, shake the FLB-007 again so the rotor blades stop spinning. It's easy and safe. The outside of the ball is made of soft yet sturdy plastic. As a result, children cannot suffer any injuries while playing. The ball is exceptionally light and weighs only 300 grams / just over half a pound, so it should not cause any damage to its environment.Lenco's FLB-007 Flying Light Ball can be used anywhere. It's the perfect garden activity, or for use on the beach, in the park or simply indoors.Fun for young and oldKids and adults can all enjoy the FLB-007. Test your skills and accuracy by playing different games with it! For young children, it’s a perfect toy to develop their motor skills. Additionally, they learn to play with other kids and be creative.Beginners Tricks:''the Boomerang''Throw the FLB-007 into the air at an angle of 30° and it will fly back like a boomerang.''Flying straight ahead''Throw the FLB-007 forward at a slight angle and the ball will continue flying straight ahead, so another person can catch it.Product specifications:Flying ball of lightRechargeable batteryBattery life of up to 12 minutesMicro USB connectionIncludes a USB cableMeasurements:95 mm / 3.7 inch in diameterWhat’s in the box?Light ballUSB cableManual DE/ EN/ FR/ PL/ CZ/ SK



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