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Lenco Portable FM Radio CD/MP3/USB/Bluetooth® player

Bluetooth | Toploading CD/MP3 player | Musical lighting effects

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The Lenco SCD-550 is a portable FM radio/CD/MP3/USB/Bluetooth® player for young and old. The simplistic design makes the Lenco SCD-550 easy to operate. All you need to do is connect the Lenco SCD-550 to the power supply or insert batteries. At the touch of a button, you can immediately start to enjoy your favourite CDs or radio station. The Lenco SCD-550 is also equipped with Bluetooth® and a USB connection.The Lenco SCD-550 has a compact size, making it easy to move the radio. Take the Lenco SCD-550 with you to the park or to a party at a friend's house. Get up to the tunes of your portable radio and sing along to the hits of your favourite artist. The Lenco SCD-550 gives colour to your music.The Lenco SCD-550 is available in 3 colours: red, blue and silver.



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