Lenco SB-080 BK - 90 cm Sound bar, 80w, Bluetooth®, USB, HDMI with built-in subwoofer - Black


The Lenco SB-080 is a soundbar that measures 90 cm with a capacity of 80W RMS, Bluetooth®, USB and a built-in subwoofer with HDMI. Experience movies, video games, series, and TV shows, like never before with this powerful Lenco soundbar. Feel like you are in a movie theatre, and witness the greatest movie adventures. Connect your smartphone and tablet wirelessly to this soundbar by making use of Bluetooth® and be blown away by the cinematic sound coming from the Lenco SB-080.

With which types of input sources can I combine the Lenco SB-080?

You can combine the Lenco SB-080 with the following input sources:

  • TV
  • DVD or Blue-Ray player
  • Video game console
  • Streaming services, e.g. Spotify and Netflix
  • USB flash drive
  • SD flash drive
  • Bluetooth®

With the Lenco SB-080 you can obtain the best out of your digitally recorded movies but also when it comes down to music, home-made family videos, music streaming services, and many more sources…

What is the output of the Lenco SB-080 soundbar?

The output of the Lenco SB-080 soundbar is 2x 20W + 40W RMS, meaning that you can always make use of powerful sound, wherever you are in your home because to listen to music, you do not necessarily need to connect this Lenco soundbar to a TV. It also works perfectly with a smartphone or tablet, so you can stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth® for a party or to chill out on the couch.

Can I also mount the Lenco SB-080 on a wall?

You can also mount the Lenco SB-080 to a wall with the included mounting kit, so there is no need to buy extra materials to hang this Lenco soundbar to the wall.

Bluetooth 5.0 | Output power 2 x 20W + 40W RMS | Subwoofer built-in | DSP (Digital signal processor) | LED display

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