Lenco SCD-650BU - Portable FM Radio CD/MP3/USB Microphone & Light Effects - Blue


The Lenco SCD-650 is a portable karaoke radio/CD/MP3/USB player for young and old. Its simplistic design makes the Lenco SCD-650 easy to use.

You can connect the Lenco SCD-650 to electrical mains or battery supply and at a push of a button, you can immediately enjoy your favourite CDs or radio station.

The Lenco SCD-650 comes equipped with a USB connection cable and microphone so you can have your own karaoke party.

The Lenco SCD-650 has a compact size, which makes it completely portable so you can easily move it around, take it with you to the park or to a party with friends. Get up and dance to the tunes on your portable radio and sing along to the hits of your favourite artist.

The Lenco SCD-650 brings colour to your music!

Toploading CD/MP3 player | Musical lighting effects | FM radio | LCD-Display | USB playback

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