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The LOQED Touch Smart Lock
The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the most complete, and first 100% keyless smart lock on the market. With the unique Touch to Open technology, you can easily open your door with just one touch. Searching for your keys is now a thing of the past and your phone can simply stay in your bag or pocket. And if you don't have your phone with you, you can always enter with your personal access code. That’s a convenient way of coming home.

How does it work?
While you arrive, your phone automatically connects to the lock via Bluetooth. The display will then show “Touch to Open”, but only if you are outside and within three meters of the lock. Thanks to an indoor and outdoor sensor, the lock knows where you are. Your front door will therefore not open when you enter through the back door.

Safe and SKG 3-star certified
In addition to a robust appearance, the lock has also received the highest SKG 3-star certificate. The lock also does not have a vulnerable keyhole. Instead, it has a hardened steel drilling protection plate behind the outdoor module.

Where other smart locks are placed over a key, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock replaces a part of your current lock. As a result, it is mounted tightly on the door. The installation takes about 20 minutes - all you need is a screwdriver. Of course, you can also choose to have this done by a mechanic. The lock fits on almost all Euro Profile doors (all PC sizes, minimum backset 30mm, door thicknesses up to 110mm, including anti-core pull fittings). If you want to make sure the lock will fit, you can do the installation check at

Functionalities of the App
With the LOQED app you get a number of possibilities for your front door:

Open remotely
Let guests or service providers in wherever you are.

User management
Add and remove keys

Automatically lock
If you go out the door, the lock (optional) will automatically close so you can leaf with a safe feeling. Or let the lock close automatically at a preset time.

Guest access mode
With the guest access mode, your children can enter without the need for a telephone or access code.

Access times
Allow access to the cleaner or walking service at predetermined times.

Receive notifications / log
Know when the cleaner or your children arrive and keep an overview of who and when opened the door in the log.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lock the door?

  • Once inside, turn the knob to lock the door.
  • When you are outside, press one of the touch buttons for 2 seconds.
  • Of course, you can also use the app to lock the door.


How do I get in if my phone is empty?
If the battery of your phone is empty, you can always enter with your personal code.

How do I get in if the lock's batteries are dead?
The batteries of the lock last up to one year, and you will receive a reminder to replace them in time. Not replaced in time? No worries! The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has an emergency power connection on the outdoor module.

What do you get delivered?

- Outdoor module. This is mounted on your existing door fittings.
- Indoor module. This completely replaces your current interior door fittings.
- Euro Profile cylinder (suitable for door thicknesses up to 110mm)
- Bridge (connects the lock to your WiFi network)
- Allen key
- 8 AA batteries (last 9 - 12 months)

SKG 3-star certified | Touch-to-open technology | Installation within 20 minutes

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