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Matt Sleeps Boxspring


Premium box spring made in Holland
A good mattress like Matt deserves a substrate of the very best quality. Just as with the Matt mattress, we have assumed the best and most durable materials and have saved on unnecessary ballast. Every box spring is, therefore, custom made in the Netherlands for you. The box spring has 500 pockets per box with 7 comfort zones and comes with 12 stylish oak legs. The box spring has a timeless design and is fully upholstered with premium textile and fully OEKO-TEX® certified.

Optional: electrically adjustable
You can operate the electric box spring each half independently of each other via the two supplied wireless remote controls. Both the headboard and the footboard can be adjusted as desired. The engines each have 6500-newton power per side, 13000 Newton in total. Enough to lift your house.

The fabric of the headboard and the boxes consist of high-quality woven cotton with the Oeko-Tex certificate. The entire box spring is padded so that it feels wonderfully soft. The headboard is extra padded so you can lean comfortably against it.

1,000 pocket springs
What is a box spring without springs? To offer you the optimum support, every box spring comes with 1,000 conical springs of 8 cm. The 7 pressure-reducing comfort zones provide perfect body support.

No crack & anti-slip
To prevent the boxes from coming apart, there is a special locker. This way you prevent a gap between the two boxes. The anti-slip layer ensures that the mattress stays in place. Perfect for wild sleepers or luxury horses with an adjustable bed base.

Round or conical legs
The box spring comes per box with 6 stylish black oak legs 12 cm high. It is up to you whether you go for the cone-shaped leg or for the round ones. The choice will not depend on your sleeping pleasure, but it will ensure that your box spring matches the interior of your bedroom even better.

* Contact us at if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment to test the Mattress, Boxspring and pillow in our store.

Choose kleur:Grey
Choose breedte:160 cm
Choose lengte:220 cm

500 pockets/box | 7 Comfort zones | Premium textile

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