MOFT X Tablet Stand 10,5inch


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Adjustable tablet stand
Tablets are becoming widely used as second screens for laptops or computers. Therefore, it is important to use them at the right angle. The MOFT X Tablet Stand offers up to 6 angles that provide the perfect position to work on your tablet, whether it is browsing, sketching, or reading.

Infinite angles
In portrait mode or landscape mode, you will always be provided with three angles to get the perfect viewing experience. Next to this, you can easily store and charge your Apple Pencil in the holder.

Slim yet powerful
To make sure it holds all kinds of tablets with ease, MOFT conducted several tests on the durability of the tablet stand.
Constructed with special material, this tablet stand is strong and stable enough for a firm and long-lasting hold, despite its ultra-slim size. It won't leave a sticky residue if you choose to remove it.

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