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Montiss 14-in-1 Steam Mop with 3 settings and removable

Cleans and disinfects all floors | Removing dust and dirt at difficult places | Detachable hand steamer

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The Montiss 14-in-1 Steam Mop CSC632 is a steam mop with a useful removable hand steam cleaner. Ideal for cleaning radiators, blinds, hobs, BBQs, toilets and bathrooms, windows, floors and steaming clothes, linen or curtains. You will never have to scrub and mop again. You can clean all types of surfaces easily and above all thoroughly with this steam mop. Furthermore you do not need aggressive cleaning agents; you only use water. The Montiss 14-in-1 Steam Mop CSC632 has a flat, pivoting base so you can also remove dirt in places that are not so easily accessible. The hand steam cleaner is removable. This means that you can also use the steam cleaner to clean above floor level. The steam mop heats up to its operating temperature and is ready for use within 30 seconds. The water reservoir holds 320 millilitres and is easy to refill. The generous 7-metre long power cord allows you to move around freely and clean large areas in one go. The Montiss 14-in-1 Steam Mop CSC632 comes with 2 microfibre cloths, 1 carpet glider, 1 steam squeegee and clothes steamer, 1 steam cloth, 1 radiator and blind brush, 3 steam brushes, 1 corner nozzle, 1 spray nozzle, 1 scrubbing nozzle and 1 measuring cup, so you can get started immediately. The steam mop has indicator buttons that inform you when the appliance is ready for use and when the reservoir needs to be refilled. So you won’t be caught out.



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