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Nirwana Bedden - Pocket Diamond 1.000 v/m² Visco-NASA 26 cm


"Pocket spring mattress NASA 1,000 v/m² | 26 cm thick | TEMP® Visco NASA Memory foam |Visco-elastic foam finds its application in the home and care sector, where it is recommended for preventive treatment of neck and back pain. (Feels warmer and softer) The pocket pockets of the Pocket Diamond 1,000 v/m² Visco-NASA 26 cm are barrel-shaped and individually packed. All pockets are glued together at the centre point, allowing each spring to respond independently. \Description The TEMP® Original NASA memory foam of the Pocket Diamond 1,000 v/m² Visco-NASA 26 cm responds to body heat and fully adapts to the contours of the body. The combination of TEMP® Original NASA memory foam with pocket springs provides ultimate support from barrel-shaped pocket springs, while the mattress remains firm and soft to the touch due to the NASA memory foam. The 7 firm comfort zones ensure the total body is supported in the most optimal way. The 7 comfort zones provide support to the contours of the body with a focus on head, neck, hips, shoulders and waist. NASA memory foam is also called visco-elastic foam or memory foam. Its pressure-reducing properties provide good and even support across the full widths, relieving almost all joints. The TEMP® Original NASA memory foam for Pocket Diamond 1,000 v/m² Visco-NASA 26 cm is made exclusively from the best quality NASA memory foam currently available on the Dutch market. \The Climapillo® mattress cover and open structure of the pocket springs, among others, ensure optimal ventilation. The cover is composed of anti-allergic and anti-dust mite soft 'Soft-Touch' double cloth, with luxurious step pattern. The complete mattress cover is fully removable and washable. Pocket spring mattress Pocket Diamond 1,000 v/m² Visco-NASA 26 cm provides warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer months. \Can be combined with many different fixed and adjustable bed bases such as a box spring, inset box spring, disc base, spiral base, vlavor (plate with holes) and slatted base (minimum 20 slats). Due to the good 'total' ventilation of pocket spring mattress Pocket Diamond 1,000 v/m² Visco-NASA 26 cm, for example, a non-ventilated hard surface can also be used. \The cream of the crop in terms of pocket spring mattresses combined with NASA memory foam. Particularly suitable for people with muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pain and/or other body ailments. Recommended and specially tested by physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and doctors! Of course, also suitable for individuals without complaints, who simply want top-class sleep comfort. \core Pocket springing 26 cm thick 7 comfort zones 1000 springs per m2 TEMP® Visco NASA Memory foam top and bottom layer Ventilation core with CoolTouch technology Thermally hardened pocket spring 8 strokes per spring \Cover (mattress cover) Detachable and fully removable Washable at 40°C. Non-slip Anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite Double cloth quilted with anti-allergic deluxe cover Very good ventilation thanks to Aerofeel®. "
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