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PIXIO-800 is a box full of color.

800 PIXIO blocks in sixteen colors, the most extensive color palette of all the PIXIO® sets currently in existence. Your resources are now virtually unlimited.

This set contains enough PIXIO blocks to bring ideas of almost any degree of complexity to life. Height, volume, resolution — PIXIO-800 takes them to the next level. There’s no time to explain. Just grab a couple of hundred PIXIO blocks, build an object, and feel the difference. Make more realistic bird and animal models that highlight their unique coloring. If mythical creatures are more your speed, PIXIO-800 is where you’ll find them.

Dress your human characters in cool outfits to suit their style. Spice up your storylines. Build a hipster girl with ice cream with 147 PIXIO blocks, then use another 120 to build her a T-Rex. In the world of PIXIO®, taking walks with dinosaurs is in style.

Each PIXIO set will come along with a unique promo code, which gives access to the exclusive content of the app.
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