Gigaset Plug Pack



With the smart plug, you can turn any electrical appliance from your lamp to your TV on and off via the app when you are not at home. This makes it appear as if you are actually at home.
Almost nothing deters an intruder more effectively than bright lights in the house as it suggests that someone is home. With the smart plug, electrical devices such as lamps and the TV can be turned on and off remotely. Use the rule manager in the app to put all of your lights on a timer and make it seem as if you are at home.

The Gigaset elements alarm system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your smart home easily and conveniently with voice commands through your Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot or Google Assistant. A single sentence is all it takes to activate the alarm system or set the alarm system to night mode. This will improve both the security and comfort of your home.

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