ShiftCam Full Frame Fisheye ProLens


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Create unique storytelling content

With an incredible 230 degrees angle, this ultra-wide-angle lens lets you capture the bigger picture and all-rounded environment with the fisheye effect. Sharp from the centre to corner and built to last, this quality lens delivers. Great for artistic shots in landscape, cityscape, architecture, and travel.

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR

The ultimate iPhone photography accessory - take professional quality photos with your phone - used by professionals and influencers.

Unique storytelling

The only full-frame premium 230º Fisheye Lens for mobile - capture all-rounded environment with the unique fisheye effect.

Instant mounting system

Effortlessly load and switch between lenses in seconds. The patented S-Mount system aligns your ProLens in an instant so you can get the perfect shot every time.

Compatible with ShiftCam cases

Requires a ProLens case or MultiLens case to mount it to your iPhone.

What's in the box

Contains ProLens, adaptors for use with all ShiftCam ProLens and MultiLens cases, Magnetic lens cap, Microfibre lens bag.

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