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Profoon Big button corded telephone

Easy to use | Extra large keys | Call volume amplification (+6 dB) | See incoming calls (ringer-light)

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Desk phone with large keys and loud volumeProfoon TX-575 Desk phone with large buttonsLarge number buttonsLoud call volume for hearing impaired (+6dB)Colour: whiteWhat is the TX-575 desk phone?This desk phone is ideal if your sight and/or hearing is no longer optimal. Many phones have small buttons which are hard to read and operate. This desk phone with large buttons has the solution. The numbers are very legible and the tactile experience makes it very easy to operate.When you receive a call, you will not only hear the phone ringing but also see the bright red ringer light. Place the phone in a central location - standing or wall mounted - and you will never miss a call again. This desk phone is suitable for use in combination with hearing aids, without annoying background noises. You can adjust the call volume to a loud level to clearly understand your conversation partner.How does this desk phone work?Do you have many contacts you call regularly? With this phone you can program those numbers under the hotkeys and indirect memory buttons. The desk phone has three shortcut buttons, so you can dial the programmed number with the push of a button. The ten indirect memories work with a combination of digits; you choose which combination of two digits is required to dial one of the ten numbers. Would you like to (re)dial the last number dialled or received? The redial function takes care of that.The advantages of this desk phoneThe extra-large number buttons are easy to useCall volume adjustable up to six decibelsThe ringer light flashes brightly at incoming callsThree speed-dial buttons allow you to dial a number at the touch of a buttonThe ten indirect memories allow you to call a number with a two-button combinationProfoon does not create phones which will only last a few years. Our products are all excellent quality and are designed for years of use. With Profoon you choose a well-thought-out, high quality and user-friendly product.What's in the box?TelephoneTelephone plug ENTelephone connection cableManual NL / EN / DE / FR



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