Profoon PDX-1100 - Cordless telephone with 1 handset, black


Straightforward DECT cordless phone
Simple, straightforward in use with all the functions of a modern cordless DECT phone. The PDX-1100 DECT phone you get a wireless DECT phone that does exactly what you expect it to do. DECT technology offers many advantages as it is virtually unaffected by all kinds of external sources of interference, simply enjoy noise-free conversations with high-quality sound quality. All DECT telephones from Profoon have our eco-friendly technology, which stands for a very low energy consumption. You can store 50 contacts in the phone book, so you always have your friends, relatives and acquaintances within reach. You will also never have to search for important phone numbers again.

What characterizes the PDX-1100 cordless DECT phone?

  • Excellent price/quality
  • Expandable to a maximum of five handsets
  • The display shows the names and numbers of your contacts clearly
  • The phone book has space for fifty contacts

Expandable DECT cordless phone thanks to GAP technology
The PDX-1100 DECT phone is GAP compatible. This means you can link up to five handsets, and they can be any DECT phone, it does not even have to be one of Profoon's handsets.

In addition, DECT is conceived to be safer than other forms of wireless telephony. A telephone according to the DECT standard uses a secure authentication and encryption technique, making eavesdropping virtually impossible even if you use multiple handsets. With a DECT phone, you are provided with peace of mind and complete security.

The PDX-1100 has been developed by Profoon in our Dutch R&D lab. With Profoon you choose a high quality, well-thought-out and user-friendly product.

What's in the box?

  • Base station
  • Handset
  • Adapter
  • Rechargeable battery 300mAh 2x
  • RJ11 telephone cord
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR
  • Universal manual

Crystal clear DECT sound quality | Easy to read backlit display | Caller ID | Long stand-by time (up to 100 hours) and operating | GAP compatible: expandable up to 5 telephones

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