Profoon PDX-300 - Cordless telephone with 1 handset, black


DECT telephone with clear illuminated display

  • Profoon PDX-300 DECT phone single
  • Crystal clear DECT sound quality
  • Clearly illuminated display
  • Available in the colour black

What is the PDX-300 DECT phone? If you require a phone to provide more convenience in your daily life, these DECT phones are a solid choice. Our focus has been to create this and include a rich set of easy to use features. The phone includes a phonebook with space for 50 contacts, which you can browse quickly and easily. There is a call-back function (for the last five numbers you had contact with) and you can set up VIP ringtones, so every important contact has their own sound. You will know who is calling before picking up.

How does this DECT phone work? Two main properties of a DECT phone are the crystal-clear sound quality and secure connection. In these modern times there are all kinds of wireless interferences. Think of mobile phones, baby monitors and wi-fi. With a DECT phone, all these signals will not affect your ability to make great sounding phone calls. You can always understand your conversation partner clearly and your connection is interference free.

What are the advantages of this DECT phone? If you use this phone at home or in the office, in both cases you probably want more than one telephone so that you can use the nearest phone, without the need to navigate through the building when receiving a call. This DECT phone is expandable to up to five devices. You can also set up conference calls, talking to several people at the same time.

Why do you choose this DECT phone? With this device you choose for an easy phone which offers everything you would expect, such as hands-free calling adjustable call volume and:

  • The unrivalled DECT sound quality
  • The clearly illuminated display
  • The name and number display
  • The long standby time (up to 100 hours) and talk time (up to 10 hours)

Profoon does not believe in phones that only last a few years. Our products are designed with the highest quality for years of optimal use. With Profoon you choose a well-thought-out and excellent user-friendly product.

What's in the box?

  • DECT telephone
  • Base station
  • Adapter
  • Telephone connection cable
  • Batteries AAA 2x
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Crystal clear DECT sound quality | Easy to read backlit display | Caller ID | Long stand-by time (up to 100 hours) and operating | GAP compatible: expandable up to 5 telephones

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