Profoon TX-560 - Corded telephone with big picture dial buttons and numbers, black


Telephone with large keys and photo keys

  • Call your most precious contacts instantly
  • Adjustable speech and hearing volumes
  • Suitable for hearing aids (H.A.C.)

A desk phone with photo keys is conveient and very useful if you call the same people often. The TX-560 desk phone is equipped with ten extra-large number keys that allow you to dial any number you require. There are also six extra buttons which can be outfitted with small photos, so it is visually clear which contact you may wish to call. With the TX-560 all of your important contacts are literally under the button, which make for very easy calling. The phone also features a built-in phonebook, which offers room for thirteen names, three of which are directly selectable.

The TX-560 is particularly suited for people suffering from hearing loss. It is compatible for use with hearing aids, and the ringing and call volume are fully adjustable. When you receive a call not only do you hear the ring, but you will also see it visually due to a bright red ringer light.

In addition, the TX-560 desk phone with large (photo) keys has the functionalities you would expect from a reliable modern landline telephone. It is suited for wall mount and has number redial.

Here are the key features of the TX-560 telephone with large photo keys:

  • Six photo keys
  • Large keys
  • Extra loud call volume (+24dB)
  • Adjustable High/low tones
  • Ringer light

A desk phone with large keys from Profoon

The TX-560 was developed by Profoon. Our products enable you to live independently for longer. That is why our company message is 'Because we care'. Just like this telephone, every product we develop meets the highest demands for health, convenience, simplicity and safety. We achieve this thanks to our own Research & Development facilities, where we develop, test and improve products until they meet our high standards.

With Profoon you choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly product of the highest quality.

What's in the box?

  • Desk phone
  • Handset
  • Curled cord
  • Bracket for wall mount
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Easy to use | Extra large keys | 6 picture dial buttons | 10 indirect memories (double button) | See incoming calls (ringer-light) | Call volume amplification (+24 dB)

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