Silk'n Infinity Premium Smooth


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Revolutionary eHPL ™ technology
The Silk'n Infinity Premium Smooth uses the latest developments for hair removal at home. With eHPL™ (enhanced Home Pulsed Light): a breakthrough technology that combines galvanic and optical energy sources for the ultimate permanent hair removal. With every skin color, it is now possible to remove hairs by widening the skin pores, so that the light can penetrate deeper into the hair follicle. It also allows cosmetics to penetrate to the subdermal layer for better skin texture and shine. So prepare your skin with the LadyShave Wet & Dry, connect the extension cord to your Infinity Premium Smooth and make your skin super soft!

Up to 92% less hair growth
Thanks to this synergy, hairs are removed more efficiently, because the skin pores are widened so that the light pulses can easily reach the hair follicles. In addition, for the first time, almost all hair and skin colors can be treated, even the darkest skin. With Silk'n Infinity Premium Smooth you can also depilate lightning-fast, without pain, stubble, irritation, or ingrown hairs. A complete body treatment takes less than 20 minutes! The Silk'n Infinity Premium Smooth has 500,000 light pulses in total and research shows up to 92% reduced hair growth after completing the recommended sessions.

Silk'n Infinity Premium Smooth, LadyShave Wet & Dry, adapter extension cord of 1.5 m, storage case, manual and app for planning treatments and to see the retentive number of light pulses.

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