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Silk'n Infinity Smooth, the newest technology in permanent hair removal

Silk’n Infinity Smooth draws upon the latest advances for at-home hair removal. It utilizes eHPL™ (enhanced Home Pulsed Light): a ground-breaking technology, combining both Galvanic and Optical Energy sources for supreme permanent hair removal. Now it’s possible to remove hair on all skin colours by widening the skin pores and enabling the light to penetrate deeper into the hair follicle. It also allows cosmetics to pervade the subdermal layer for improving skin texture and glow. So prepare your skin with the LadyShave Wet&Dry, connect the extension cord to your Infinity Smooth, and get ultra-smooth!

Silk'n Infinity Smooth, the advantages:
  • Permanent hair removal using the latest technology
  • eHPL™ technology: the most advanced hair removal technology for use at home
  • Suitable for all skin colours and nearly all hair colours, including the darkest skin tones
  • High speed at 5 energy levels: removes hair up to twice as quickly
  • Suitable for body and face: painless and without irritation
  • Good for 400,000 pulses of light
  • Up to 92% reduction in hair growth after completing the sessions as instructed
  • Pulsing and Gliding method
  • Treatment area: 3 cm²
  • No refill cartridges necessary
  • Includes free App to schedule treatments
  • With Bluetooth connectivity to view the remaining number of light pulses
  • Includes LadyShave Wet&Dry for pre-treatment on wet or dry skin
  • Includes Silk’n Adapter extension cable, 1.5 m
  • Sold in a stylish beauty case
eHPL™ technology: unprecedented advantages

eHPL™ represents the latest technology in hair removal and is brought to you for the first time by Silk'n Infinity Smooth. It adds on the previously introduced and globally renowned HPL™ technology by Silk'n and has a number of significant advantages. It uses a combination of Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy. This synergy allows hairs to be removed more efficiently, as it opens the skin pores and allows the light pulses to optimally reach the hair follicles. Additionally, nearly all hair and skin colours, including even the darkest skin tones, can be treated for the first time. Furthermore, Silk'n Infinity Smooth allows you to remove hair at lightning speed, without pain, stubble, irritation or ingrown hairs. A full-body treatment can be done in less than 20 minutes!

Unique: suitable for all skin colours and nearly all hair colours

Until now, it wasn't possible to remove blond, grey and red hairs permanently with a home-use device. In addition, people with darker skin tones didn't have a permanent solution for home-use hair removal. Researchers at Silk'n laboratories accepted the challenge and developed a way to make pulsed light hair removal available to a wider audience. Thus, Silk'n Infinity Smooth was born...

Silk'n Infinity Smooth is the first device from Silk'n that is suitable for all skin colours and nearly all hair colours. From now on, it's possible to remove blond, grey and red hairs effectively with Infinity Smooth, provided the skin tone is light enough. Darker skin tones with dark hair colours are also suitable for treatment, including the darkest skin tones. Consult the skin colour chart below to see if your hair and skin colour are suitable for treatment.

Silk’n LadyShave Wet&Dry for pre-treatment

Before the hair removal treatment, your skin should be shaved, clean, dry and free of any powders, antiperspirants or deodorants. The included Silk’n LadyShave Wet&Dry will help you to clear this job easily. This handy device is ideal for pre-treatment on wet or dry skin. Begin each treatment with LadyShave Wet&Dry by shaving the area. Next, grab your Infinity Smooth to eliminate unwanted hair with light flashes. The ideal combination for ultra-smooth results!

Painless and without irritation

Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing or plucking are painful and can cause skin irritation. People are often left with stubble, painful redness and ingrown hairs. Hair also returns quickly. Silk'n Infinity Smooth is based on pulses of light and treats the hair follicles in order to reduce hair growth after every treatment. It's entirely painless and does not cause irritation, leaving you with beautiful and infinitely smooth skin!

Thanks to the high-speed repetition of light pulses, Silk'n Infinity Smooth works up to twice as fast as other hair removal devices made by Silk'n. This makes it one of the fastest hair removal products sold by Silk'n! Thanks to the super rapid light pulses, treatments are completed in no time. The device emits light pulses continuously, with intervals of 1 or 2 seconds. This means that you can lightly glide the device over your skin without having to wait for each light pulse. Additionally, the treatment area of 3 cm² is ideal for reaching smaller areas, including the face and bikini line.

Suitable for body and facial hair

Do you have unwanted body and facial hair? This is not a problem with Silk'n Infinity Smooth! The device is suitable for both areas. The number of light pulses is sufficient for complete permanent results in multiple areas. Silk'n Infinity Smooth is furthermore suitable for both men and women. Frequently treated areas include the legs, armpits, bikini line, chest and upper lip.

400,000 light pulses for infinitely smooth skin

Silk'n Infinity Smooth is capable of emitting 400,000 light pulses. This tremendous number of pulses will enable you to remove undesired hair growth effortlessly. And since the Infinity Smooth is capable of emitting so many light pulses, there is no need for refill cartridges, saving you additional money.

Safe and effective: hair reduction of up to 92% after a complete treatment

As with other Silk'n hair removal products, Silk'n Infinity Smooth was tested for safety and effectiveness, and has been clinically proven. These studies showed that Infinity Smooth can be used safely in a typical home environment. Dermatologists also recommend using Infinity Smooth. The treatments are easily applied and provide quick results. With Infinity Smooth, it is even possible to remove up to 92% of hairs after following a complete course of treatment as described in the user manual. Finally, Silk'n Infinity Smooth contains a unique skin colour sensor for additional safety. It also contains a safety mechanism to protect your eyes, only emitting light pulses when the device touches your skin. This prevents light pulses from being emitted in the air.

Choose one of 5 power settings

Silk'n Infinity Smooth is equipped with 5 power settings which you can configure separately. Setting 1 is the lowest and setting 5 is the highest. When using Silk'n Infinity Smooth for the first time, we recommend using power setting 1. When you're comfortable with this setting, you can select a higher one. The higher the power setting, the more effective the treatment.

Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing or plucking can cause pain and irritation. Permanent hair removal using Silk'n Infinity Smooth is painless and does not cause irritation, even at the highest power level!

Handy App for your smartphone/tablet

Our App allows you to create your own customized treatment programme. It features a calendar to keep track of your treatments and even alerts you when it's time for your next session. Ideal, practical and available exclusively from Silk'n!

With Bluetooth to view the remaining number of light pulses

Silk'n values customer feedback in order to improve the user experience of its products. One of the questions that many people asked us is how to check the number of light pulses used per treatment and as well as the number remaining afterwards. Silk'n Infinity Smooth now makes this easy to see! Infinity Smooth is the first device with smart Bluetooth connectivity. Connect the device to Bluetooth and open the Silk'n App. The App will immediately answer these and other questions.

Another great advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity is that you can lock your device to prevent use by children

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