Silk'n Jewel Luxx 200.000


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IPL hair removal
The Silk'n Jewel Luxx is an IPL hair removal device that is suitable for the legs, bikini line, face, and armpits. The device contains 200,000 light flashes and the light window is 3 cm2. The device comes with an app that indicates when it is time to depilate again. Handy, because you won't forget to use it if you want to put on that one new dress. In the app, you will also find the number of remaining flashes of light.

Skin color sensor
The hair removal device has 5 levels so that it is suitable for different hair and skin colors. The skin color sensor automatically scans your skin color and adjusts the level accordingly, so that you remove all hairs properly. This device is not suitable for use on the darkest skin type as it is effective up to dark brown skin. Thanks to the travel pouch, you can easily take the device with you, so that you also have it with you on vacation.

Device, charger, travel pouch, manual, and cleaning cloth.

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