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Smart Home Beveiliging - Indoor eye smarthome security camera - 360 degrees - Notification via app


Indoor eye is a rotatable smart security camera and ensures optimal security and control!
Indoor eye monitors the environment via 360 degrees of movement and sound detection and sends notifications of events. The camera can record automatically and works perfectly with other products. The camera is easy to place or hang. Indoor eye Smart Home also has links such as Google Home and IFTTT.
-Motion and sound detection with automatic recording-1080P HD video-Pet Friendly-With intercom-Live watch and join the conversation-360º look around and tilt 100ºMotion and sound detectionIndoor eye detects movement and sound and lets you know if something is not right.
View 360º and tilt 100ºRotate the camera to the desired position via the app. Or hang the camera from the ceiling.
Gathers evidenceIn the event of a burglary, the Smart Home Security camera immediately starts recording. The images are stored on the camera (SD card required) or on your or others' smartphones.
Always connected to your mobileManage and control the camera easily with the app. Always watch live, wherever you are – as long as you have an internet connection.
Works on WiFiThe camera is connected to Wi-Fi. Is the WiFi signal lost? The camera continues to do its job and collects evidence, only you will not receive a notification.
Day and night securityClear image day and night and good security thanks to the night view and high quality of the camera.
Works with petsThe camera is animal-friendly. Dogs and cats are not considered burglars. The sensitivity of the motion detection can be set.
Put down or hang upIndoor eye can be placed anywhere! Put Indoor eye down or hang up. Suspension bracket for wall and ceiling is included.
Quick and easy to installThe camera is easy to install. Your home or office is secured within 10 minutes. Google home and IFTT supportIndoor eye supports the Google Home and IFTTT smart home protocols. Indoor eye works well with other products and is part of your Smart Home.No problems with empty batteriesFixed power connection for optimum stability and operation
Service & SupportTake advantage of our Dutch service, support and installation service.
How is Smart Home Security used? Easy to operate with app and remoteThe camera can be switched on and off easily via the app and via the remote control. Via the app you can add who should be warned in the event of a burglary or fire.
You decide who can operate the alarm. You can give family members access to the alarm in no time. They can also install the app and operate Smart Home Security via their own mobile phone.Your data and all video images are safeIndoor Eye and our app work with encryption security at bank level and comply with the AVG legislation. No one else can access your passwords, camera images or data. All data is optimally secured.

Wireless | Alarm notification

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