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Smart Home Beveiliging - Outdoor cam


Do you want to prevent a burglary and protect your belongings? The Outdoor cam™ smart IP outdoor camera monitors the outdoor area day and night. Is a person seen at a time when they shouldn't? Then the smart outdoor camera will sound an alarm to all set users. The IP camera will also automatically record images, these images are stored on the SD card, in the cloud or on the smartphone / tablet of the users.

• IP Outdoor camera for any weather condition
• Always view images live via the app
• Sounds alarm on movement and automatically records
• Wifi and wired internet connection
• Built-in motion detection with adjustable sensitivity
• Records (automatically) on movements or on set schedules
• Clear night mode and intercom
• Can be used as a separate product or in combination with an alarm system

Warns about movements
Is something moving when it shouldn't? Then the smart outdoor camera sounds an alarm and an image is automatically recorded.

Day and night security
Clear image day and night and good security. Thanks to the colored night view and high-quality IP camera, you can always see clearly what is happening.

Records (automatically)
The smart outdoor camera can (automatically) record images. The camera can record automatically with movements or in a self-set time schedule.

In any weather condition
Rain or shine? The smart outdoor camera keeps an eye on everything in any orphan condition and is IP66 certified.

Wifi or wired internet connection
Connect the smart outdoor camera wirelessly to WiFi or wired with an internet cable.

Easy assembly
Easy to install with the supplied bracket and screws. You can also rotate the IP outdoor camera to a position with the bracket. The wiring harness is incorporated in the suspension bracket and is easy to connect.

No problems with empty batteries
Fixed power connection for optimum stability and operation

Installation service
Have this product installed by our experts! Look here for our installation service.

Service & Support
Take advantage of our Dutch service, support and installation service!
Gathers evidence
The images are stored on the SD card in the camera or on your or others' smartphones.

Built-in intercom
You can communicate through the built-in intercom. Talk to a visitor or report that this visitor is unwanted!

How is Smart Home Security used? Easy to operate with the app
The smart outdoor camera can be easily switched on and set up via the app. Via the app you can add who should be warned with a visitor, when the camera should record and you can always watch live.

You decide who can operate the alarm.
You can give family members access to the alarm in no time. They can also install the app and operate Smart Home Security via their own mobile phone.

Your data and all video images are safe
Outdoor Cam and our app work with bank-level encryption security and comply with GDPR legislation. No one else can access your passwords, camera images or data. All data is optimally secured.

About Smart Home Security
We want to prevent as many burglaries as possible and make people feel safe. We also believe that security should be accessible to everyone and not expensive. Because we use a new smart technique where you maintain safety and control, you have no subscription costs, always evidence and no expensive purchase costs.

We want to ensure that everyone can leave their home with peace of mind. We use different types of security for different environments, which can be expanded with separate accessories and products. Our products, manuals, customer service and installation service are fully Dutch.

Movement detection | Alarm notification

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