Stolp Phone Unplug Box Laid Black


Stolp acts as a Faraday cage, where an electromagnetic layer ensures that once the phones are placed an inside, no signal can enter. This ensures that you'll have no phone, WiFi, 3-5G, ... connection whatsoever on your phone. You and your company are 100% offline, receive no notifications and can fully enjoy the conversation you're having or the activity you're doing.

Stolp makes it easier for you to improve your phone habits by helping you disconnect daily.

Here's how:

- It's a beautiful encouragement to remind you to unplug. You can place it anywhere and it will nudge you to take some distance from your phone.

- Once inside Stolp, your phone is out of sight, out of mind. A scientifically proven way to stay focused and prevent you from mindlessly grabbing your phone

- After fully closing, Stolp blocks out any incoming or outgoing signal. No more calls, notifications, and also no more radiation.

Stolp is your partner in crime to go fully offline and help you disconnect more everyday.

- For more togetherness and flowing conversations.

- For more time doing what you love. For more slowing down.

- More time to be present & enjoy moments at their fullest.

Choose color:Laid Black

Electromagnetic layer | Blocks 3-5G, WiFi, Bluetooth | Max 5 phones

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