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Wireless heating blanket | Including powerbank | 8 infrared heat elements

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Relaxes muscles and joints
The heat blanket is equipped with infrared heat elements. The infrared rays resonate and penetrate deeply into the body which pleasantly warms the body from the inside out. This relaxes the muscles and joints. The size of the blanket allows you to wrap yourself comfortably in it.
Environmentally friendly and inexpensive
You'll be warmed and the thermostat can be turned down a degree. Sustainable and good for the wallet. One degree lower already means 6% less scalding gas! And less heating means less heating costs. That makes not only the environment, but also you happy.
Very soft
This blanket with a high cuddliness factor is made of Teddy fleece. The.Plaid consists of an inner and outer blanket which are attached to each other with cords for preventing them from shifting away from each other. The outer blanket is machine washable. With the button in the leather label you can regulate the desired temperature.
Always warm!
Use is simple. The rechargeable battery (20,000 mAh) allows you to use the blanket completely wirelessly. It is attached to the inside of the blanket via a cable to the heating elements. The temperature can be set to 3 settings, so you can regulate your ideal temperature yourself. The first setting regulates a temperature of 35˚C, the highest setting 45˚C. Fully charged, The.Plaid provides up to 10 hours of wonderful warmth. The battery is equipped with an input to also charge a phone.

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