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Trebs Bionase / Anti-allergy Device

Relief from hay fever | Animal hair | Light therapy | Light therapy

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Ideal solutionThe Bionase from Trebs is the ideal solution for people who do not benefit from medication or suffer from the side effects. By means of two precisely determined light wavelengths, the Trebs Bionase 60500 provides a double-powerful approach to irritated nasal mucosa, namely on 2 different fronts: the receptors in the nasal mucosa slowly become immune to substances that cause hay fever irritation due to the 652 nm red LED light and in addition the 940 nm infrared wavelength ensures an improved circulation and thus increases the supply of oxygen and the removal of waste. Because of this you will suffer much less from your allergy and the symptoms can even disappear almost completely. Watering eyes, stuffy nose and constant sneezing will finally be a thing of the past.UseUse the Trebs Bionase 60500 3 times a day for 4.5 minutes. By applying this light therapy, the symptoms slowly decrease. After the first positive effects, the treatment frequency can be reduced to one or two treatments per day if desired, which gives you even more time to fully enjoy your day.Can also be used preventivelyYou can use the Trebs Bionase 60500 when you already have symptoms, but you can also use it preventively. If you know that you have an allergy in a certain period of the year, you can start treatment before this period. This way you ensure that the complaints will hardly ever occur!With the Trebs Bionase 60500 you can relieve your breath again!Features of the Trebs Bionase 60500Against hay fever, allergy to house dust and animal hairThe inexpensive solution without the use of medicinesShort treatment times, ideal for the whole familyNo side effectsFor targeted use in diseases of the upper respiratory tractOperates at 2 light wavelengths: improve circulation and alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.Clinically testedIncluding battery and nose applicator



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