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Trebs Filter coffee expert - 1,3L

The best coffee brewed at the | 30 sec drip stop (sneak a cup) | Extra aroma program

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With the Trebs 24110 Filter Coffee Expert you can make the most delicious coffee at the perfect temperature. The professional look of the coffee machine already shows, it must be good coffee.Coffee always on temperatureThe machine has a powerful water boiler (92-96 °C) and a hot plate with its own heat source (80-85 °C) that keeps your coffee at the right temperature. It also has a double heating system. So the coffee can be made at the ideal temperature and kept warm to preserve its flavour. Need an extra strong coffee? With the extra aroma function you can let the water run slower for a stronger taste.Only the tastiest coffeeThe machine has a very professional look with the 11-hole water diffuser. This ensures that the hot water is evenly distributed over the filter, giving you the optimal taste of the aromas in your coffee. To prevent dangerous situations, the appliance has a boil-dry function. This prevents the machine from burning out if there is not enough water.Sneak a cupThe coffee machine has a 1.3L water tank that can hold up to 10 cups in one jug. Would you like to be able to drink a cup while filling the jug? With the sneak a cup function (drip stop) the machine stops filling the jug for 30 seconds, so you can pour yourself a cup.Easy to cleanThe Trebs 24110 has a stylish aluminium design and comes with a glass jug and a vertical removable filter holder, which are dishwasher safe. In addition, the horizontal filter funnel is also easy to remove. This makes the coffee machine easy to keep clean.What's in the box?Trebs 24110Glass jug with diffuser lidMeasuring spoonFilter holderUser manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / SE / TR



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