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Trebs Gourmet Chef Grill & Stone

The automatic cooking hood actively | No more unpleasant smells or fat | 5 in 1 Fun cooking combination

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5 in 1 Fun cooking combination Stone grill, Grill, Teppanyaki, Raclette and GourmetPerfect preparation due to adjustable heat thermostatHealthier preparation without butter or oil due to double non-stick coatingDouble-sided grill / teppanyaki combination plate, spatulas and pans are dishwasher safeWith the Trebs Gourmet Cheff Grill you have a 5-in-1 cooking combination, allowing you to choose five different ways of fun cooking. So you have a stone grill, grill, teppanyaki, raclette and gourmet in 1. The food is perfectly prepared for all these possibilities with the adjustable heat thermostat.You can prepare the meat on the double-sided grill and teppanyaki combination plate, while stir-frying your vegetables in the gourmet / raclette pans. These 8 pans have a double non-stick coating, so you can prepare your food healthily without butter or oil. In addition, the food does not stick due to this layer. To prevent damage to the non-stick coating, 8 plastic spatulas are included.Convenience is of course an important part of gourmet food. The teppanyaki / grill combination plate, spatulas and pans are therefore dishwasher safe. The typical gourmet scent has also been considered. The automatic extractor hood actively removes cooking smells to prevent unpleasant smells. There are also no more fat deposits.With the Trebs Gourmet Cheff Grill and stone you have a 5-in-1 cooking combination with stone grill, grill, teppanyaki, gourmet and raclette that is dishwasher safe. With double non-stick coating.What's in the box?Gourmet raclette setStone plateGriddleExtractor with active carbon filter8 spatulasUser manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / SE / TR



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