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Trebs Hot Air Fryer / Comfortcook 1.5l with cool-touch

Healthy frying | Baking | Grilling | Compact and light design; ideal for | Less fat; without the use of oil;

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Healthy frying, baking, grilling and roasting are now possible with the Trebs Hot Air Fryer 99354 Comfortcook. You can enjoy delicious, crispy fries without any frying fat or oil thanks to the hot air system. Not only is this much healthier, it also significantly reduces the nuisance caused by unpleasant odours in your home. So you no longer need to ban the Trebs 99354 Comfortcook to the shed or place it under the extraction hood in the kitchen: it can be used anywhere on your kitchen worktop.The Trebs Hot Air Fryer 99354 Comfortcook has a capacity of 1.5 litres, which is exactly enough for 2 servings. The hot air fryer is compact and light. Ideal for a student bed-sit, a single-person household or for taking to the camp site for those delicious late night snacks. And deep-frying is just one option: the non-stick coating means that you can also use the Trebs Hot Air Fryer 99354 Comfortcook to roast, bake and grill dishes of all kinds. So you can fry chicken wings, grill stuffed peppers or cook salmon steaks. All this is possible with the Trebs Hot Air Fryer 99354 Comfortcook.You will never burn your hands, thanks to the cool-touch handle. No matter how hot the fryer gets, the handle always remains cool. The Trebs Hot Air Fryer 99354 Comfortcook is equipped with overheating protection and non-slip feet. Everything required to make its use even safer.



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