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Vitaly Med Gun Percussion Massager


The massage gun performs with precision.
The professional Vitaly Med Gun by Invitalis is a powerful and quiet massage device with very accurate intensity control. It is designed to relieve pain, revive tired muscles, treat muscle knots and to activate your muscles.

Vitaly Med Gun, how it works.
The Vitaly Medgun uses quick and effective pulses, which go 10mm deep into the muscles, 15 to 45 times per second (that’s up to 2700 pulses a minute!), enough to apply targeted pressure to the muscle fibers and pain points.

Activate in 30 seconds. 
30 seconds per muscle group is sufficient for muscle activation prior to a workout, walk or other physical activity. The blood circulation is stimulated.

Muscle relaxation & recovery. 
Use the "bullet" massage head on pain points and muscle knots or the "air compression soft" massage head for ultimate relaxation of the muscles, even in tough/sensitive areas such as between the joints.

Easy to operate, for an accurate massage. 
Choose from 20 speeds and 6 massage heads to get just the right amount of pressure in the right place. Suitable for both people with very sensitive muscles as for avid athletes with muscles that can handle a firm massage. The LED touch screen shows the intensity (0-20) and battery power (0-99). 


Massage heads
Big round head
Suitable for the bigger muscle groups
Small round head
Suitable for the smaller muscle groups
Flat head
Particularly useful for targetting the more sensitive areas of the body
V-shape head
Specially designed to use on the muscles along the spine
Conic head
Particularly suitable for a targeted deep-tissue massage
Air compression soft head
Specially designed for sensitive muscles
Speed settings
20 speed levels
Battery life
5 hours <
Battery type
Lithium-ion 6-cell
Noise level
> 60dB (like an electrical toothbrush)
Solid composite with a matte black finish
250MM x 200MM x 70MM
Brushless motor with Hall-sensor
5 year full warranty

Intensity control | Quick pulses | 20 speeds | 6 massage heads

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