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Invitalis ViViBo Pro Fitness Board


Why the ViViBo Pro?
10 minutes of training per day on the ViViBo PRO equals 12,000 steps. The unique combination of oscillation (swing movement) & depth vibration (short up and down movement) provides a challenging muscle workout!

Train all major muscle groups in an effective and safe way without overloading the joints, cartilage, and tendons.

Follow one of the training videos for each level or put together a personal training from more than 20 ViViBo poses from the comprehensive manual.

Not a typical fitness plate, but an oscillating plate.
The combination of oscillation (rocking movement) and depth vibration (short up and down movement) provides an intensive and efficient workout in which you work on muscle strength, coordination, posture, balance, and bone density  The ViViBo PRO addresses the reflexes by simulating a situation in which the body is unbalanced. These muscles are stimulated, tense and the body starts moving.

You can use the ViViBo PRO vibration plate at any time of the day. You simply start by taking a seat on the ViViBo and setting the program, intensity, and duration. Depending on the area you want to work on, choose specific exercises or follow a training video specially compiled by us.

Depth vibration & oscillation, how it works.

Depth vibration
You can experience muscle relaxation in a relaxed pose, but also during muscle training. When you use the depth vibration function together with the oscillation function. In addition, vibration improves circulation and metabolism.

The oscillation function allows freedom of movement of the joints, stimulates the muscles, and provides bone, vascular, hormonal, and aesthetic benefits.

Body vibration therapy was developed by the Swedish inventor Gustav Zander. Russian astronauts and Olympians further developed vibration training and used it to counteract the loss of muscle and bone density in gravity-free space. Vibration training also helped improve the performance of top athletes as far back as the 1960s. For a number of years now, this form of exercise has also attracted the attention of consumers.

Passive versus active. how to use
On the ViViBo PRO, you can train in a passive way by means of a static position (eg standing, sitting). You let the ViViBo PRO do the work and your body follows. You can also opt for more active training by means of special exercises (eg squats, push-ups) to tackle problem areas extra.

Programs, manual or automatic
To be able to start your training, choose one of the many preset programs. To personalize your training you can choose the program manual, where you can set all functions yourself. All programs on the ViViBo PRO can be followed for a 

Frequency: 20 movements per second
Every vibration (movement) per second is equal to 1 Hz. If you set the ViViBo PRO to intensity 20 (this applies to both depth vibration and oscillation), your muscles will make 20 movements per second or 1200 movements per minute. You can take 12,000 steps during a 10-minute workout on the ViViBo PRO.


5-25 Hz
Depth Vibration
5-50 Hz
Max. user weight
Contra-indications (don't use/consult a doctor)
don't use
Orthostatic hypotension
consult doctor
don't use
don't use vibration function
Acute hernia
consult doctor
Cardio-vasculaire disease
consult doctor
Acute thrombosis
consult doctor
Suffered a stroke
consult doctor
Acute reumatoid artritis
consult doctor
Recently placed IUD
don't use vibration function
beginner, intermediate, advanced
Remote control
for easy use
Detachable pantent-pending seat
to train the upper body
Elastic bands
to train the upper body
with 20 excercises to create your personal program
Choose color:White

Duration of 5, 10, or 15 minutes | Color: black and white

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