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Xebec Tri-Screen 2


With the Xebec Tri-Screen 2, you add two extra screens to your laptop and increase your productivity by as much as 44%. Thanks to its universal mounting, the Xebec Tri-Screen 2 can be attached to almost any laptop and you can be up and running within 15 seconds. Thanks to its very compact design, it can always stay on your laptop, even when you are not using it. In fact, the screens have a thickness of only 6.5 millimetres. The Tri-Screen 2 is also lightweight and compatible with any operating system, including Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome.
The new Xebec Tri-Screen Adapter enables you to connect ANY laptop to the Tri-Screen 2 with just a single cable per screen, including the M1 MacBook Pro and Air. Simply download and install the free Displaylink driver, plug one end of the adapter into any standard USB-A port on your laptop and plug the other end into the tri-screen. No more dongles required!
Featuresbr> - Works on almost ANY laptop: thanks to its universal attachment the Xebec Tri-screen 2 easily attaches to any laptop.- Increase your productivity by 44%: multiple screens are proven to increase productivity.- Instant installation, no setup: you can get started in less than 15 seconds.- Extremely compact and portable: so slim that it can stay on your laptop even when you're not using it.- Remarkably lightweight at only 2 pounds: it weighs less than half as much as a standard laptop.- Compatible with any operating system: no matter what operating system you are using, it is compatible (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, etc.).
What's in the box?- Xebec Tri-Screen 2- 2 x USB-C to USB-C 90 Degree Cables- 2 x USB-A to USB-C Adapters- 1 x USB-C Extension Cables- 2 x Mini-HDMI to HDMI cables- USB-C 90-degree Pass-Through Charging Adapter

Multi-monitor laptop attachment | Works on almost ANY laptop | Extremely compact & portable | Remarkably lightweight | Set up in under 15-seconds | Works with every OS

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