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Home audio that allows you to move.

Kien is the first truly flexible sound system. Well-crafted portable speakers that allow you to create the premium sound experiences you desire.

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Shopping contributes
to 60% of the world's emissions. By 2030, that percentage should be zero.
That’s why
we take our responsibility as the first platform that compensates every order. Free of charge.

How it works

0.66 ton CO2 compensated
similar to taking 660 showers!
We’re in this Together
Shopping at Productpine enables you to support green projects free of charge. With each purchase, we reduce our footprint together.
buy directly from renowned brands via our platform, assuring the best price and quality
have developed smart technology that allows brands to save on their marketing costs
pay us a fee from these savings so we can compensate every purchase, by investing into green projects

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