Productpine impact


To make our vision of do-good shopping by 2030 a reality, we plan to take you on the journey with the following actions:

Reduce and inform

We actively reduce our company’s emissions and improve our internal processes. We also educate consumers about the impact of their consumption on the planet, while being transparent about the impact of every product on the platform.


Not all CO2 emissions can be reduced. Together with South Pole we compensate the emissions by investing in a variety of innovations. Every order on our platform is therefore compensated. Free of charge.


Making “do-good shopping” a reality by implementing a roadmap to 2030 with the goal to only sell net-zero products. Our roadmap includes:

  • Optimizations of the supply chain: can we make the existing production and transport less polluting by investing in innovations?
  • Right to repair: can we introduce the right to repair on our platform by investing in education and processes to make this a reality?
  • Connective platform and creation: can we connect brands with start-ups to produce new, net-zero products?