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Difference between refurbished & second-hand

Choose a refurbished or second-hand device more often

These are 2 terms you may have seen come up before. But then it's back to refurbished and then back to second-hand. So is refurbished the expensive name for second-hand? We would like to tell you the real difference between the two terms. One thing is certain: if you choose a device or product with one of these properties, you are doing a great job and making a conscious, more sustainable choice.

Nowadays, it is not only possible to buy a mobile device new or second-hand. You can also opt for a refurbished device, which offers some interesting benefits. But what exactly is refurbished, what does it entail, and why is it such a smart choice? And are refurbished items really safe? We explain below.

What exactly is second-hand?

Let's start with the meaning of second-hand. The term actually says it all: it is from a second hand and therefore previously used by someone. Such a product is often sold in its current state without having been tinkered with. The big advantage is that such a used product is often a lot cheaper than if you were to buy a new product. It has already had its first life, but can very well last another round. It is then up to the buyer to repair the product or replace parts. And this is often reflected in the price.

A disadvantage could be that you are not sure whether the product still has a long lifespan. You just have to trust the previous owner or a platform about the condition of the second-hand device. So you take a bit more risk with second-hand products. At the same time, it can actually be beneficial, for instance if you enjoy buying such equipment for your own repair. And then that soft price is even nicer on the wallet!

So what is the refurbished meaning?

Refurbished actually means as much as a used product that has been repaired and therefore becomes of a higher quality again. It translates freely as 'reconditioned', which means as much as 'refurbished'. You often see the term combined with various electronics. Think, for instance, of a refurbished smartphone, but you can also buy a tablet or laptop refurbished.

Refurbished devices are carefully checked for hiccups, defects, technical quality, operating system and signs of use. Based on this, certain parts are replaced to achieve the best possible quality. For example, a new battery or a new screen. So a refurbished device is actually as good as new because the parts have been replaced. The external condition is indistinguishable from new.

Retro second hand computer

Which refurbished product will you choose?

As we explained above, choosing refurbished products is a very conscious choice. By buying a repaired product, you avoid buying and producing a new device. After all, there is already enough new equipment in the world. Products that can easily be used a second or even a third time contribute to reducing consumption.

Go for a refurbished iPhone, for example

Why go for a new iPhone costing more than 1,000 euros when buying refurbished is also a good option? The models used for refurbishing often do not go back too far. So you are almost always guaranteed a recent model where the system can handle all future updates. This gives you security in using your refurbished iPhone.

What is done to finally market a refurbished iPhone is a careful procedure. The device is checked for all possible defects. For example, the screen, battery, camera and other technical parts are replaced. This way, reusing an iPhone becomes much more accessible and at a lower price. This refurbished iPhone can easily last for years. So you can buy your refurbished iPhone with peace of mind and contribute to a world without overproduction at the same time.

iPads are also great to buy refurbished

Are you looking for refurbished devices other than refurbished iPhones? How about a refurbished tablet, for example? A tablet is enormously useful for various situations. It is, of course, the literal magnification of your smartphone. It can be used on the train to read your favourite newspaper, at home in the garden so you can better see what you are doing against the sun or just snuggled up on the couch.

As much as you buy refurbished iPhones, a refurbished tablet is always a good idea too. A tablet can be a hefty expense, so why not go for refurbished? Again, the tablets have been carefully checked for technical defects.

How about a refurbished laptop?

Besides a refurbished iPhone or tablet, you can even buy laptops refurbished. Such a device can have a hefty price tag. That is another advantage of refurbished devices: because they are no longer brand new, you can always buy them at a lower price. Whereas a new laptop can sometimes be as much as 1300 euros, the price for a refurbished laptop often makes a difference of hundreds of euros - depending on the model and brand, of course.

If you choose refurbished devices such as a laptop, you are doing something sustainable. You stimulate circularity in this world because the laptop contains replaced parts. For example, when the battery is no longer top notch or there is another technical defect. The seller replaces these elements and thus extends the lifespan of the device in no time. So a smart choice, a refurbished laptop.

Why refurbished: in a nutshell

A few more reasons why you should opt for refurbished:

  • It is a sustainable option: you give a second-hand device a new life by replacing damaged parts with new ones. This avoids having to make a completely new device, only the new parts are needed.
  • It is an economical option: you save a lot of money by not having to buy a brand new device. You can save up to hundreds of euros with this. Only the parts are new. This refurbishes the second-hand device and extends its lifespan.
  • It is a reliable option: you often buy a refurbished device with a two-year warranty. Where people think refurbished devices are offered without one, a refurbished laptop or phone simply comes with warranty. In that respect, it is no different from a new device.

So as far as we are concerned, refurbished iPhones, tablets, laptops and other devices are the best choice. Are you normally more of the very latest models on the market? Save money and be more environmentally conscious and opt for refurbishment.

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