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Choose sustainability in your interior too!

Go for sustainable furniture

A sustainable interior is the real trend of recent years. It is increasingly easy to purchase sustainable furniture. In fact, you can hardly escape it! Making conscious choices is strongly encouraged. For example, brands and designers are playing right into this. You probably already have sustainable design in your interior unconsciously.

Hip and sustainable living is the perfect combo

With a sustainable interior you are environmentally aware and hip. You can create a sustainable interior in different ways. For example, you can go for furniture made of honest materials or high quality furniture.

By fair materials we mean natural, but also recycled materials. Think of ash or mango wood, cane, cotton, bamboo, wool, jute or recycled metal and glass. High quality furniture is furniture that can last a long time. As a result, the purchase of a new product is not necessary any time soon.

Choose natural materials

Materials processed from inexhaustible sources are a good choice. However, there are some points to consider carefully. Natural materials, such as wood, unfortunately are not always environmentally friendly. This is because different types of wood, like a lot of other materials from nature, are treated with chemicals, such as flame retardants and chemical preservatives: which have a negative impact on the environment.

Choose recycled materials

With recycled materials, waste is turned into a new raw material. This has mega benefits: in fact, no, or fewer, new raw materials need to be added when you work with recycled materials. Man-made materials, such as textiles and metal, are often used as a renovation resource. This reduces energy consumption, as well as air and water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, a reduction of pollutants to the environment.

Don't worry: sustainability in the home means not only good for the environment, but also beautiful to look at! Sustainable furniture can be found in all shapes and sizes to suit any living style. For example, you can go for second-hand TV furniture that fits seamlessly with vintage interiors.

Always choose high quality

We always recommend going for high quality furniture. It is often the case that furniture made from durable materials has a long lifespan. But of course this always depends on how intensively it is used and how timeless the design is.

Always shop from your own living style and personal taste. Nowadays you are inundated with interior design trends, which everyone keeps up with in the nick of time. Unfortunately, you get tired of your old product just as quickly as a new trend hits the market. Furniture is regularly discarded for the purchase of a new trend runner. Therefore, be unique and go for designs completely suited to your own style. You will find yourself making more conscious choices and thus avoiding mis-purchases. You will keep a budget and be able to buy high-quality products. And furniture that perfectly suits your taste is always timeless!

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Dive into the product life cycle

Want to make your interior as sustainable as possible? Try to find out the production cycle of each furniture brand: remember, unfortunately, this is not always easy. The production cycle is actually the entire design process. You can ask the following questions:

  • Where does the raw material come from?
  • Where are the products produced next? And by whom?
  • In what conditions are the products produced?
  • Could the products have a second life after use?

With a lot of furniture, it is difficult to find out about the production cycle. Fortunately, we are all becoming more critical. So certainly don't be afraid to ask questions and find out the necessary details.

Buy your sustainable furniture locally

We are already used to choosing local when buying fruits and vegetables. But you can also buy your furniture locally. And believe us: the collection of chairs and lamps from North Brabant is just as stylish as if you bought it abroad. The Dutch Design furniture is mega cool and includes everything you need, such as acoustic panels, tables, side tables, dining tables, cabinets, chairs, stools, rugs, tabletops and much more.

You can also find the cutest home accessories just in our own little country: this way you can create even more coziness and personality in your home. By buying locally, you greatly reduce CO2 emissions and stimulate our own economy. A great example of a win-win situation!

Some brands with awareness

Of course, we cannot close this blog without releasing a few golden tips of sustainable furniture brands. Below we take a closer look at the brands Tolhuijs, Que Rico and Vivi Oggi. These are three interior design brands that make sustainable furniture and home accessories. Read how these brands are doing below.

Enjoy the creativity of Tolhuijs Design

Tolhuijs Design sells their entire collection with a story every time. With an office close to Amsterdam's canals - Tolhuijs is a Dutch brand that does upcycling: perfect for local bargains, in other words. The brand has a sustainable way of working: they design from what they have on hand at the time. Tolhuijs creates interesting sustainable furniture that is characterized as "simple, tough and honest" time and time again. This brand shows how to transform waste into raw materials and create the coolest, timeless chair, table or other type of furniture.

Create a warm atmosphere with Vivi Oggi

From Spanish to Italian with Vivi Oggi. Behind the Vivi Oggi brand is a foursome of passionate entrepreneurs. This foursome has developed a love for Italian life and fell in love with tableware in the city of Siena: which gives a warm look to any table. For this reason, this Dutch brand has the handmade dinnerware imported from Italy. This is certainly not local, but because it is handmade and imported from Europe: you are already much more environmentally conscious with this brand than with another brand.

vivi oggi en tolhuijs design.jpg

Go for stylish and sustainable furniture

Hopefully you got a much better and nicer picture of sustainable furniture. The evil is often in the production with wrong raw materials in the factories, but also in the whole cycle that goes with it.

Fortunately, more and more critical and conscious choices are being made by both consumers and producers. As a result, you see more and more cool sustainable brands popping up. And of course we, Productpine, are there too. Buy your sustainable new furniture with us online and contribute, without paying more, to one of our sustainability projects. With every purchase of sustainable furniture, you reduce your carbon footprint step-by-step. Still have questions? Then our customer service team will be happy to help.