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In a nutshell

When you receive an item through Productpine, you can assume that it is in good condition and will continue to work as expected under normal use. However, it can always happen that you are unexpectedly not satisfied and want to return your item or have to register for repair. There are certain rules attached to this. To avoid surprises, we recommend that you read through this information page.

Manufacturer's warranty

The manufacturer of your ordered item can provide a manufacturer's warranty. This means that the manufacturer will repair or replace your item during the warranty period if it becomes defective, unless the defect was caused by you. We are happy to help you with this: start your repair request or contact the brand, because warranty and service of purchases from our brands runs directly through the brand. You should also always contact the manufacturer.

The manufacturer's warranty varies by manufacturer. There is a booklet with more details in the packaging of your item.

Some items have less or no manufacturer's warranty. For example, think of "consumables" such as shampoo or diapers.

Legal guarantee

If there is no manufacturer's warranty or if you prefer to go to the seller, there is also the legal warranty. This guarantee means that your purchased item must comply with what is promised and what you could reasonably expect. For example, if you have received a television whose remote control breaks after a few weeks, you may contact us or the partner if it concerns an item from a partner. Don't wait too long after discovering this flaw. If the period of the manufacturer's warranty has expired, this does not mean that there is no longer any warranty at all.

If a defect arises through no fault of your own during the warranty period, you may be entitled to a repair fee or replacement of the item.

Warranty certificate

The warranty certificate of your item is often the relevant invoice or proof of purchase. You can find this with the order and in your account.

A defective item?

In order to have a properly working item at home as soon as possible, it is best to return it and order a new one. Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange. Register the item as a return in your account or check the return conditions to see if your item can be returned.

We are happy to help you with this: start your repair request or contact the brand, because warranty and service of purchases from our brands run directly through the brand. We can't make promises, we do our best to come up with a suitable solution.


No unexpected repair costs

If a product breaks during the warranty period, you are entitled to free repair or replacement, unless you have not used the product normally. Is the repair due to, for example, user damage? Then the repair is at your own expense.

We will only repair your item after you have given permission, so that you do not have unexpected costs. Before the repair is carried out, you will first receive an estimate of the costs, you can then choose:

  • Have it repaired for a fee
  • Return without repair (You pay the research costs worth € 19.95)
  • Repairman at home. After the investigation you decide not to want a repair (You pay the investigation costs worth €60,-)
  • Free recycling (Not possible with all items)

Duration and tracking of the repair

A repair usually takes 15 working days, but we try to get it done faster. We send an email at every step of the repair. You can also track the repair via your account. If your item is repaired at home, this can often be done the same day.

Is a defect not covered by the warranty? Then the repair may take a little longer. We only get started after you have given us permission, so that you do not have unexpected repair costs.

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