Turning big piles of waste in circular energy
Hunan Xiangtan Landfill Gas Power

When you shop at Productpine, you can consider yourself an impact shopper. By ordering your home favorites from Productpine from now on, you directly contribute to certified climate projects worldwide. We are very happy to tell you more about this, so that you can continue to make the better choice in the future. We know: shopping is not the most sustainable activity there is. But by choosing the new way of shopping, we are getting closer to a healthier e-commerce together.

While ordering from Productpine, you can choose a climate project you want to support at checkout. Roughly speaking, you choose from 3 themes: wood, waste processing and biochar. As there are quite a few nuances in these, we will explain more about every single project.

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Here, we're spotlighting the project in Xiangtan, China.

Project Hunan Xiangtan Landfill Gas Power in China

Another great climate project we support in the theme of waste processing is the Landfill Gas Power project in Xiangtan, China. This place is located in Hunan province, in the south of China. Waste has been an immense problem in this country for many years, but in the past 10 years the waste stream has increased much faster than in the years before. As a result, landfills or waste dumps are unmissable in China. And these very places create toxic waste gas in the air. As the waste in the landfill decomposes or is in the process of digesting, this gas is released and finds its way into the atmosphere.

The project in Xiangtan was set up to stop this spread of the toxic gases. The main focus is on reducing methane gases. Methane is the largest component in natural gas and already occurs naturally in areas such as wetlands, in the agricultural sector and in natural gas generation. When methane is released into the atmosphere, it has a major impact on the greenhouse effect.

In Xiangtan, methane emissions are converted into electricity. Thus, this project supplies energy to the national power grid that ensures that households and businesses in the region are supplied with electricity. Innovative!

The project creates many jobs, boosting both the sustainable sector and the local economy. However, the project is not entirely without risk. Methane gas is highly flammable. The project therefore also has an eco-friendly solution for minimising explosion risk at the landfill site. Therefore, the safety of workers is always protected and safeguarded.