Turns greenhouse gases into energy in China
Linshu Wastewater to Energy

When you shop at Productpine, you can consider yourself an impact shopper. By ordering your home favorites from Productpine from now on, you directly contribute to certified climate projects worldwide. We are very happy to tell you more about this, so that you can continue to make the better choice in the future. We know: shopping is not the most sustainable activity there is. But by choosing the new way of shopping, we are getting closer to a healthier e-commerce together.

While ordering from Productpine, you can choose a climate project you want to support at checkout. Roughly speaking, you choose from 3 themes: wood, waste processing and biochar. As there are quite a few nuances in these, we will explain more about every single project.

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Here, we're spotlighting the project in Linshu, China.

From wastewater to energy in China's Linshu

In the heart of Linshu, wastewater is no longer seen as a burden, but rather as an untapped source of renewable energy. The project uses advanced technologies to convert wastewater into usable electricity, benefiting both the environment and the local community.

A key element of this pioneering project is the use of anaerobic digestion, which, as explained above, is a process in which micro-organisms break down organic material without the presence of oxygen. This creates biogas, a clean energy source that Linshu uses to generate electricity. This not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improving local air quality.

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What makes this project extra special is its link to the circular economy. The cleaned water after the digestion process is returned to the community for reuse, closing the water cycle and reducing pressure on natural water resources. This ensures not only energy sustainability but also responsible water management.

Another aspect that deserves the spotlight is local partnership and community involvement. The Linshu project is not an isolated venture, but a collaboration between local stakeholders, businesses and leadership from the surrounding communities. This collaboration raises awareness about sustainability and creates local employment opportunities, which strengthens Linshu's social fibre.

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Like Vietstar, the Linshu Wastewater-to-Energy project is also certified with Gold Standard. This not only demonstrates their commitment to eco-friendly practices, but also to transparency and accountability. Gold Standard confirms the measurable impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and highlights the contribution made against climate change.

In Linshu, an inspiring story of resilience and progress unfolds. The Wastewater-to-Energy project embodies not only technological innovation, but also the power of communities working together for a sustainable future.

Extra info at a glance

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • 1 > No poverty
  • 4 > Quality education
  • 7 > Affordable and clean energy
  • 13 > Climate action

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VPOWER New Energy Technology (LinYi) LTD

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Time span of support

April 2023 until December 2023