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Vietstar Sustainable Waste Treatment

When you shop at Productpine, you can consider yourself an impact shopper. By ordering your home favorites from Productpine from now on, you directly contribute to certified climate projects worldwide. We are very happy to tell you more about this, so that you can continue to make the better choice in the future. We know: shopping is not the most sustainable activity there is. But by choosing the new way of shopping, we are getting closer to a healthier e-commerce together.

While ordering from Productpine, you can choose a climate project you want to support at checkout. Roughly speaking, you choose from 3 themes: wood, waste processing and biochar. As there are quite a few nuances in these, we will explain more about every single project.

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Here, we're spotlighting the project in Vietnam.

Sustainable waste treatment in Vietnam

Waste is common on Vietnam's vibrant streets, and the Vietstar climate project is tackling this problem with an innovative approach. Instead of simply collecting waste, this project goes further by implementing sustainable methods to treat the waste and turn it into valuable resources.

A key aspect of the Vietstar project is the use of advanced waste management technologies. They use a clever mix of composting and anaerobic digestion - a process in which micro-organisms break down organic material without the presence of oxygen. Thus, organic waste is converted into biological compost. This means less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and thus a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change.

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What makes the project extra special is the involvement of the local community. Vietstar works with local stakeholders to create awareness and promote educational programmes on waste reduction and the importance of sustainability. This inclusive approach not only strengthens the environmentally conscious mindset, but also creates sustainable jobs in the region. For almost 300 people already.

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Another highlight is certification by reputable bodies such as Gold Standard. These certifications highlight Vietstar's measurable positive impact on the environment and the local community. The project helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promotes the development of clean energy sources.

The Vietstar Sustainable Waste Treatment project is a textbook example of how creativity and cooperation can lead to tangible changes. By turning waste into valuable raw materials, it not only contributes to a cleaner environment, but also reduces the ecological footprint and supports the local economy. Vietstar shows that sustainability is not just a concept, but a practical reality that can have a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

Extra info at a glance

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • 2 > Zero hunger
  • 8 > Decent work and economic growth
  • 11 > Sustainable cities and communities
  • 13 > Climate action

Executed by

South Pole

Registry link

Gold Standard

Type project


Time period of support

April 2023 until December 2023

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