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What is a smart tv?

What is the difference between Android TV and Google TV?

Basically, these 2 smart TVs work the same, but with a different operating system. However, the Google TV first worked on the Android system in combination with a Google Chromecast. Then Google developed its own TV with a built-in Chromecast.

In terms of usability, they are not very different and have access to the same apps. However, the Google TV is more personalized than an Android TV.

Can you make an ordinary TV smart?

A smart TV works on the Internet so you can constantly switch apps. So you switch from TV show to your favorite series in no time. An ordinary TV has no internet connection. These televisions do not have built-in streaming services, apps cannot be downloaded and you cannot play games on them either.

However, you can use different apps by buying external devices. Such as a separate media player or a Google Chromecast (via HDMI). This you plug into the HDMI port of your regular TV and voilà: streaming away.

Get the most out of your smart TV

By now you probably have some idea about what you can do with a smart TV. You can surf the Internet, play the best games and watch the best YouTube videos. You can also control a smart TV from your smartphone these days. Read on and find out how you can use these smart TV features to the fullest.

Connecting your smart TV to the internet is easy

Connect your smart TV to the Internet within seconds. Connect the TV to the WiFi in your home: just enter the password. All devices in the house are now connected to the same interface.

Surf the Internet on the big screen

By now you have probably figured out that a smart TV is connected to the Internet. This makes it possible to scroll all over the Internet through your television. For example, you can look up recipes: super convenient when you have a TV in the kitchen.

Also, you can simply view the timeline of Instagram or Facebook. You can also access streaming services like Youtube and Netflix through the Internet. But with such a smart television, you probably already have these apps downloaded and in your operating system. The apps are then in “my home screen” and you can easily access them.

Fun apps all day long

Every smart TV has an App Store or Google Play Store. Here you can download the best apps, such as Netflix and YouTube. But you can also download Spotify to listen to your favorite hits at any time. You can also download the NOS app for your daily dose of news. Are you a real fan of American football? Download the NFL app and enjoy the best games every moment.

Your smartphone as a remote control

Smart TVs can be linked to your phone by installing the corresponding app. So you can very easily and relaxed turn on all your favo movies, programs and 'n exciting series from your phone. Getting up to grab the remote? You don't have to anymore.

Control your smart TV with your voice

To make things even easier, a smart TV also lets you use voice commands. However, this is not possible with every smart TV. But if you buy a smart TV from us, such as an Android TV, this is often built in. Control your TV without lifting a finger!

The best viewing experience with the right picture

The television is probably the biggest screen in your home. The smart TV allows you to perform countless functions on this large screen. But what is the best screen?

The most commonly used TV monitor is Full HD. Still, for the best picture quality, we recommend 4K resolution or 8K resolution. For a real home theater, we recommend 8K resolution: it gives up to 4x better picture quality than 4K resolution. Just grab the popcorn and enjoy the most exciting series on perfect picture.

Want good quality but don't want to spend too much on your new television? Then go for 4K resolution. With this TV you will still have beautiful picture and spend less money.

How many inches should your smart TV be?

It is important to choose the right size for your television. The perfect size depends on the viewing distance. Is your couch fairly close to the TV? Then go for a smaller size, such as 32- or 40-inch smart TV.

Do you have a greater distance between your couch and television? Then go for 55-inch smart TV for that real cinema experience. A larger room can have a large television just fine. On the other hand, it looks quieter to have a smaller TV in a small space.

The perfect smart TV for you

Now that you know more about smart TV, you're probably already envisioning that home theater. Take a look at our collection of smart TVs: you buy smart TVs just online these days. We have countless TV options from different manufacturers: such as Philips, Salora, Sony and Samsung smart TVs. These brands are known for their user-friendliness.

Just like our customer service: for questions you can always contact our customer service. And do you shop your smart TV at Productpine? Then you contribute to sustainability projects free of charge. We invest 1.5% of your order. Let's move with technology together and buy your new smart TV at Productpine!