Restoring the mountainous Chinese woods
Chudu Forestry

An especially nice thing about ordering from Productpine is that - besides finding your new favourites for your home - you can choose a project you can invest in for free with your purchase. We take care of these costs, which consist of 1.5% of your total order value. In other words: 1.5% of our total turnover.

You choose a project from 3 different themes when you checkout your order. Simply put: wood, waste processing and biocoal. But there are many nuances here that we are happy to tell you about. Every year we choose our project portfolio and retain or change the projects based on the impact we can make with our financial support.

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Starring this time the Chudu Reforestation project in China.

CO2 capturing in Chinese mountain area by Chudu Forestry

China is one of the countries in the world with the most forests. But since 2002, the country has lost more than 4 percent of its forestation due to clear-cutting and logging. While many rural areas are carefully managed by surrounding village committies, residents are also often pressured to lease their land for unsustainable industries. An inconvenient dilemma.

The Chudu Forestry project manages 36,500 hectares of degraded, mountainous land in Xichuan province, southwest China. More than 600,000 people live in this province where the average income is far below the average in urban areas. Therefore, it is nice that this project also creates jobs for surrounding communities. So far, the project has employed around 100 local workers to plant and manage the forest, of which 50% are women.

A nice economic boost which creates fair-paying jobs in the rural areas of the region. The Chudu Forestry project involves planting native tree species among the mountains in Xichuan, such as cork oak and masson pine. This allows the forests in the mountains to continue storing CO2 for the decades to come, with a substantial long-term environmental benefit.

Great projects with both environmental impact AND impact on local communities and economies. Consider 1 of these projects when you make a purchase from us. With your order, you can contribute to the development of Teak Mexico, Chudu Forestry, as well as many other projects. Are you curious about the projects we support within the themes of waste and biocoal? You will soon read more about those on Productpine.

Extra info at a glance

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • 5 > Gender equality
  • 8 > Decent work and economic growth
  • 13 > Climate action
  • 15 > Life on land

Executed by

Xichuan Rongda Agriculture and Forestry Co., Ltd

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Type project

Afforestation, Reforestation Revegetation (ARR)

Time span of support

April 2023 until December 2023