Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4


The Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 is a unique video doorbell with support for HomeKit Secure Video. The doorbell has a free cloud and local storage option, so it works without a monthly subscription. The video images remain available in the cloud for 7 days. If you want more storage, you can use a microSD card with a maximum of 512 GB.

It's the first battery-powered option that works with Apple's HomeKit Secure Video and supports streaming to Google and Alexa. The local AI allows you to use facial recognition alerts, automations and much more.

With the Smart Video Doorbell G4 you can start a conversation from your smartphone anywhere in the world. The device has a wide field of view with 162° and 1080P HD video. The lens is completely made of glass for a clear image.

The Doorbell G4 comes standard with a WiFi Indoor Chime (indoor chime). The Indoor Chime provides the connection between the Smart Video Doorbell, the local network and the internet. The indoor Chime has an acoustic sound of up to 90 dB.

Local AI facial recognition

The biggest advantage is the local facial algorithm, even if the device is not connected to the internet, the recognition function remains active. If the Doorbell G4 is connected to an Aqara Zigbee hub.

The built-in local facial algorithm is the biggest advantage of the Aqara doorbell. It can help people quickly find out the identity of the person outside the door by noticing the name of the specified face and sending a push notification through the app, or setting up different automations* based on the specific person. Even if the network is disconnected sometimes, the recognition function will not be affected.

Works with Apple HomeKit and more

The Smart Video Doorbell G4 is the first battery-powered doorbell with support for HomeKit Secure Video. This means that the stream and stored images are encrypted according to the HomeKit Secure Video standard. In addition, the video stream with audio to Google and Alexa displays can be realized.

Free cloud and local storage

The users are not bound by a subscription for the storage of images. The Doorbell G4 offers 7 days of free cloud storage and the option to use a microSD card (in the indoor chime). The local storage on a microSD card is extremely convenient and safe, the MicroSD is not included as standard. The maximum supported storage for the MicroSD card is 512GB. In the future, the possibilities will be expanded with NAS storage.

Battery, wired and 2-in-1

The versatile power options make the Smart Video Doorbell G4 very practical. The doorbell can be powered in three ways: battery, wired and combined. With the last option, the battery is a backup for when the doorbell is (temporarily) not equipped with power supply. The Doorbell G4 works for up to 4 months on 6x AA batteries (included as standard). You can also connect the Doorbell G4 with an external power supply of 12-24V AC (0.2A) or 8-24 DC (0.5A).

The Smart Video Doorbell G4 can be set up with masking areas via the Aqara App. Allows you to assign up to three areas for protecting the privacy of neighbors in the live video screen.

Finally, the Smart Video Doorbell G4 has additional features such as voice change, do not disturb mode, personalized ringtones and various status alarms.

Smart scenes that are possible with other Aqara products:

1. Pause the music when the doorbell is activated;

2. Switch on the outdoor lighting when motion is detected;

3. When recognizing a face, you can play a specific sound;

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