Cube Distribution plug 3 USB-A & 4 EU White


The Voomy Divided Plug is the power strip in a practical and stylish design that provides space for all your electrical devices. With 3 USB ports and 4 outlets, you can charge everything at once without taking up much space. Because the Splitter goes directly into the power outlet, the Voomy Power Outlet Splitter makes it a convenient power strip for the office, home or travel. Features switch that lets you turn everything on or off with one button. Made of durable fire retardant material and features rim and pin ground. Voomy Socket Splitter with Switch Compact design with maximum charging capabilities. 4 outlets & 3 USB ports Features on/off switch Ideal for office, home or travel ➤ Ideal for office, home or travel 4000W to charge all your devices simultaneously Features pin and ground power 3-year warranty 7 charging points With 4 outlets (4000W), the Voomy Divided Plug provides enough space for electrical devices. Thanks to the practical upright design, all sockets are easy to reach. In addition, you can simultaneously charge phones, tablets, cameras or other devices via the 3 USB ports (2.3A). This makes the Voomy Socket Splitter a real multitasker. Practical power strip Avoid an untidy tangle of wires with this power strip. The compact design ensures that as many charging points as possible are made in the smallest possible power strip. Because all charging points are located on opposite sides, the wires stay neatly apart. In addition, the compact design makes it easy to take it anywhere. User-friendly design When the power strip is not in use, you can easily turn it off using a switch. The plug-in-the-wall design saves space and ensures that outlets are accessible from multiple angles. Durable and safe material The power strip with usb ports is made of durable and fireproof material, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Specifications Brand: Voomy Color: White Grounded: Pin and rim earth Weight: 400 grams Sockets: 4 pcs (220-250V) USB ports: 3 ports USB output: 5V 2.3A Voltage: 220-250V Power: 4000W Meterial: ABS + PC flame retardant Dimensions: 91.5 x 91.5 x 96 mm Certification: CE - ROHS

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