Nirwana Bedden - Top Mattress Memory Foam Nasa Platinum Visco Single Seat


"Memory foam mattress topper Platinum Visco Nirwana Beds now provides you with mattress topper Platinum Visco the best in terms of NASA memory foam mattress toppers available in the Netherlands. NASA memory foam, also known as memory foam or visco elastic foam has unique pressure relieving properties and is developed according to a secret formula developed by NASA to give astronauts the right comfort and support during a launch. \Our memory foam is characterised by: Viscoelastic cells that mold completely to the contours of the body Ultimate comfort and support A wonderfully relaxing night's sleep \mattress topper Platinum Visco delivers maximum support in addition to optimal moisture ventilation. The shoulders, lower back and hips are supported thanks to 7 different comfort zones, which provide very good pressure distribution to the body. Mattress topper Platinum Visco is anti-allergenic and comes with a fully removable and washable cover, which ensures your hygiene, among other things. Now give your sleep a major upgrade with the Platinum Visco mattress topper from Nirwana Beds. \This overlay mattress has a CoolMaxx ® border ticking which provides very comfortable support through in addition to near-perfect ventilation. The filling ensures warm winters and cool summers, is completely anti-allergenic and comes with a removable and washable cover, which, among other things, ensures your hygiene. \Besides being very comfortable and supportive, the mattress topper also extends the life of the underlying mattress(es). In the case of several underlying mattresses, irritation from the underlying seam will also be a thing of the past. Getting in and out of bed will also be easier due to the higher entry. The mattress topper is easy to turn and air out. \The Platinum Visco mattress topper is great for people with (severe) back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain and/or circulation disorders. Recommended by several physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors worldwide."

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