AduroSmart Smart Dimmable Plug


With this dimmable plug, you can make every dimmable traditional light smart. Just plug the wire in the plug and connect it to your hub.

This dimmable plug is one of the best smart plugs that exist. It is able to make your dimmable traditional lights with wire smart. Just plug it in and connect it to your AduroSmart ERIA hub. Set timers and automation from anywhere in the world. Even when you already have a HUE bridge, this dimmable plug works with it. The HUE bridge recognizes it as a light.

Grow your smart home with the products of AduroSmart ERIA. With the help of the bridge, you can link up to 50 products with each other and operate them with the AduroSmart ERIA app. With just 1 click you can, for example, switch all lights in the house off or on at once.

Disclaimer: A hub is required to use this product

The smart home products from AduroSmart are Zigbee Certified and work together with other Zigbee systems such as Philips hue, Osram Ligtify, and Ikea Trådfri. Zigbee ensures that all components communicate with each other and can be operated with the AduroSmart app. In addition, the products are IFTTT compatible

  • Plug it in various dimmable lamps and switch and dim your lighting via your smartphone/tablet.
  • Control through the app works with AduroSmart ERIA, SmartThings, and Hue (hub required).
  • Supports phase-on and cutoff dimmable lamps.
  • Supported Max. 200W LED lighting, incandescent, and halogen lamps
  • Compact design: covers one power socket.
  • Voice control: works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home in combination with an AduroSmart Eria, Hue, or SmartThings hub. Connects directly to Amazon Echo Plus or the 4th generation Echo. A hub is required for the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot.

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