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Productpine is a marketplace where consumers shop, while also giving back to sustainability projects to lower the impact of consumerism.

We understand that shopping is not sustainable. Newness and consumption contradict the core concept of sustainability, that is the honest truth. While the most sustainable thing is to consume less, we also acknowledge that consumers sometimes need to purchase products to fulfill their needs.   
At Productpine, we take a new approach to being a responsible marketplace. No individual organization within e-commerce can be sustainable on its own. We too only contribute to the larger system of e-commerce, in which sustainability must be achieved. 
This means that we contributing to lower the impact of shopping. 1.5% of every purchase on Productpine is reinvested in sustainability projects. By growing, we’ll be able to give back more, and thereby make a greater contribution to the overall impact that shopping currently has. 
Read more below about our mission, vision, sustainability projects, and other relevant articles.