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MATE X 750 Watt Powerful Foldable E-bike


MATE X. For the path less traveled.

Break away from the everyday on the MATE X. Its strong frame, powerful motor and huge tires attract more than just attention. They level up your riding game to expand your playing field.

The MATE X is a guaranteed head turner, stand out. Think bolder. Go for a color that matches your personality.

Skip the escalator and take the stairs. While it’s stronger than the average eBike, it still folds in 3 simple steps, making it easy to store and carry.

The all-new Mate X 750 Watt lets you venture off the beaten track. With its aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum frame, fat all-terrain tires and full suspension, you will be prepared for any adventure. Superior disc brakes with fingertip modulation keep you in control at all times. Packed with smart features to take every ride to the next level.


The MATE X is an advanced e-bike. Made of high-quality 6061 aluminum, this bike a striking appearance. MATE emphasizes high quality bikes made for the urban jungle and provides the right tools for this, such as full suspension, off-road tires and hydraulic brakes. There are also many smart features available, such as a full-color LCD display, USB charging port for your phone and a hand throttle module to help you ride off.

Daily use MATE X

The MATE bikes can be folded into a compact package (for a fully equipped e-bike) allowing you to take it on the train, set it down in the office or in your home. With its adjustable saddle and handlebars, riders from 150 cm to a whopping 215 cm can ride it. This really is a bike suitable for everyday use, but beware, you won't pass unseen!

Variations MATE X

The 250-watt edition comes with the 120-kilometre battery, with a top speed of up to 25 km/h. This edition is road legal on European roads.

The 750 watt edition comes standard with the 120-kilometre battery and hydraulic brakes. This is the top line of Mate Bikes. Please note that 750 watts is not allowed on most European roads.

Wide-range 8-gear shifting provides expert control, and ideal gear steps facilitate seamless transitions to perfectly match your terrain and riding style.


Full-suspension system

Don’t let bumps, ditches, or dirt roads deter you from riding. The secure full-suspension system gives you comfort over all terrains at any speed.


Durable all-terrain tires

Bigger, bolder tires mean you can choose the path less taken. Built stronger than ever, so they can keep up with your riding needs


3 step folding system

When you tire of the road, simply fold your MATE X in 3 simple steps. Locked and loaded for tomorrow’s adventures.


Intelligent LCD display

Smart LCD color display that shows all data needed, including battery and pedal assist level, or charge your devices using the built-in USB.


Folding pedals

When you’re off the road, fold the durable pedals in just one simple click for extra convenience. High rigidity for maximum power transfer.


Hydraulic disc brakes

Choose optional hydraulic disc brakes for smoother, more reliable braking with fingertip effort.


Choose color:Subdued Black

Speed 32 km/h | Range 120km | Hydraulic brakes

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